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Quick Ecommerce Solution Fact

March 5, 2008

An ecommerce solution enables businesses to conduct transactions for goods and services wholly or partially over the Internet.  It is use by merchants when they are selling products online and while it was expensive and usually difficult to skin or configure earlier, those days are long gone.  Most ecommerce solution(s) varies greatly in their depth and inclusiveness with professional features and easy management tools to be used by merchants of all sizes.


An Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution Strategy

February 28, 2008

Most of us who have or are planning to start an online business would like to know that there are ecommerce solutions out there to make our online business a resounding success. We don’t want to spend hours managing the nuts and bolts of our business.

It can become rather tedious tracking leads, managing affiliate programs, sending timely emails, tracking clients or sorting out payment issues. This rather tedious and vexing work is very necessary to the success of your online ecommerce business but is absolutely draining on you.

In one instance, in transferring from the offline world to the online world, you feel as though you have to suddenly become a computer geek, webmaster, financial wizard and
complaints specialist all in one. This doesn’t have to be as there is a better way for you to go. It’s AUTOMATION.

All of your online ecommerce problems can be solved by automating the process and quite frankly, the internet is the only place where you can get a cadre of high skilled and qualified individuals dirt cheap to offer you ecommerce shopping cart solutions geared to propel your business to greater heights.

In an instant your ecommerce business can move from struggling to generate leads, fulfill sales and manage backend sales channels, (which can be an almost death knoll to your online business aspirations) to one of a seamless, smooth running, quick response e-business full of happy repeat customers and contented and rich management whose priorities would be product creation or sourcing and fulfillment.

Why Automate the Ecommerce Process

Sometime when planning our ecommerce solutions or when looking at an ecommerce shopping cart solution it doesn’t always appear as though our situation is that bad. However let’s think about it for awhile, how much can you or your employees do in an 8 hour day including manually following up on customers, their order, complaints and the like.

Imagine a customer from a different time zone; remember we are on the internet which is available the world over 24/7 and 365 days per year. That customer has a query but no one’s there to answer or answers days later. This is one angry customer who may spread the word about your bad service or product and as we all know bad news is viral. Basically there is no way to reap the immense riches in the ecommerce world if you do it yourself.

Automating your ecommerce business give such benefits as:
• Quicker and more responsive to client needs
• Better time, money and customer management
• Phenomenal growth of your ecommerce business
• The ability to grow your ecommerce business both vertically and horizontally thru JVs.

There is no better time to automate your ecommerce business than now, using an ecommerce shopping cart software to propel your business to higher heights. Most successful online businesses do it, why shouldn’t you?

What To Look For In An Ecommerce Solution

February 28, 2008

Is Your E-commerce Shopping Cart Solution Cutting It?

There are many ecommerce providers out there but you should have a short list of the things you need and what they provide.Any ecommerce provider worth their salt should provide the following services andd these are the ones I usually insist on being available to protect me and my hard earn cash and to grow my business.

· Expanded Credit and Payment Options

· Prospect Tracking

. Advanced Email Statistics

· Marketing Campaign Tracking Options

· Customer Management Tools

· Recurring Billing Products

  • Recurring Commission Calculations

· Payment Tools

· Affiliate Tools

· Affiliate Center

· Look and Feel Customization Tools for your Order
Forms, Thank You Pages and the Affiliate Center

I have done some looking around and found that QuickPayPro does offer the most comprehensive set of services there are out there with great scalability for your ecommerce business solutions.

Yes there are other great affordable ecommerce solution(s) and ecommerce shopping cart solution(s) out there on the internet but how many of these have been in business since 2002, with an Alexa ranking of 75,121 and other industry qualifications.

However the proof of the pudding is in the eating it is usually said, especially if you can do it for free……so I am not sure if you are like me and enjoy a freeness every no and again.

QuickPayPro is currently giving a Free 30-Day Trial along with a free 7 Day Course and a Free gateway with your account….

I would give them a try to see if they were the solution for me if I was currently looking for an ecommerce shopping cart solution…..

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